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Any one know of restrictions when buying a trailer out of state?

Looking at upgrading our travel trailer situation and the model that I'm looking at his hard to find in CA, but more plentiful out of state. Just curious if anyone knows of any restrictions or issues when buying a USED trailer from out of state.
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Name: George
I know of no restrictions.

All the restrictions on out of California vehicle sales pertain to only vehicles with engines because the restrictions are all about exhaust emissions for managing smog.

Trailers have no impact on smog that I can think of.
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No restrictions that I know of however, you may be required to take it to DMV for VIN verification and inspection. In 2017 I bought a large (used) 5th wheel in New Mexico and brought it home. DMV required an in person inspection. It is quite difficult to get a 40' 5th wheel into a DMV parking lot I'll tell you! I ended up taking it to Woodland DMV.
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