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Originally Posted by Busy Little Shop View Post
The evidence metal to metal wear was in progress are the binding links... you just didn't objectively measure the "stretch"...

Installing a new chain on worn sprockets is the job half done... always changed both...
On a streetbike I might tend to agree, but on a dirt/dualsport bike, I have seen more than a few chains have what appears to be kinks from a dirt/excess chain wax build up mix between the O or X rings and plates. The O/X rings begins to have drag causing what appears to be kinks unless thoroughly cleaned.

After deep cleaning with a brush, no more kinks, freely articulating links. If after deep cleaning there is still binding of the links, yes, replace.

Happens often in muddy conditions and the normal cursory clean isn't sufficient. Just my experience, yours may differ.
I'm looking for 1970 or older Triumph 650 project, cheap and preferably complete. PM me if you have something - will provide it a good home.

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