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View Poll Results: Job status... what is yours?
Small biz owner - expect to soldier through 15 11.54%
Small biz owner - not sure I can make it through 1 0.77%
Work for a small biz - should be solid. 23 17.69%
Work for a small biz - worried about keeping my job. 6 4.62%
Already unemployed - 7 5.38%
Work for a large Corp - should be good 43 33.08%
Work for a large Corp - worried about being laid off. 5 3.85%
Retired - worried about making ends meet 2 1.54%
Retired - I should be good. 9 6.92%
Other - explain if you wish. 19 14.62%
Voters: 130. You may not vote on this poll

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Name: Budman
Work status and expectations

First a poll. Please check the box.

Expectations you have for the next 6 months for your

I will go first.

Small business owner.
7 employees
Monthly nut at full hum. 60k (rent, wages, supplies, software licenses etc)

Biz obviously affected. A couple projects cancelled.
Permit submittals on hold while Cities shake things out.
2 employees doing basically not much.
1 still full time
3 working short hours on and off.
1 not working at all.

Expectations over the next 6 months.
Slow rebound in a couple weeks.
3 months of employees working from home.
Less new work and more competitive to get it.
Will have to take crap work and will struggle to break even.
Not expecting to make any money, but stay a float.
Potential high risk opportunity to bring in a well qualified partner.
55 hours a week for me with 30 being billable.

Share if you wish.

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I expect to make it through.

But it's going to be ugly
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two wheel tramp
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Name: Triple R
President (GM) of a small company.

I'm in the office. Salespeople are WFH. Warehouse guy and tech are on the job and OMFG, they have been rockstars. I'm doing small parcels, phone, service related calls, etc., and being there to answer questions for those two. One other employee has been coming in from time to time to help with things as well.

If I can keep our five core employees plus the three sales staff paid for the next three months we'll see some recovery. Our shipping and receiving guy quit with no notice at the beginning of March. We lucked out there. One less person to pay.

We serve the restaurant industry and they are FUCKED right now.
Saving grace will be smaller scale producers who now need bigger machines. About two years after the end of the last recession we saw a ton of folks buying bigger equipment as their home businesses blossomed OR smaller producers needed to make another step up.
If we can weather the next six months we'll have a rosy future later on.

We've been donating funds to hospitality companies to help them support their staff. I sent out a part gratis to someone yesterday so he could get back to work. He's just trying to keep his business afloat. We respect that.

I've offered the owner to take a pay cut if it gets to that. My big concern now is paying vendors (based in Italy) so that they have money to reopen whenever they are allowed to do so. It's a balancing act. It's already slowed way the hell down but we will survive. I'm careful with our money and some is still slowly trickling in.
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Name: Bill
Retired saved enough to get through this. Have SS, pension, and rental income. Also, hold the mortgage on my daughter's house. The mortgage payment I can skip if it means the kids will not be on the street. Lucky for me my renter has a job where she is still working.

My main concern is staying healthy. My daughter has a PH.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She told us to get ready early in February. She is calling daily to make sure we are home and not going out.

I never thought I would see something like this in my lifetime.

Stay safe.

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Small business, thought we'd be OK but our clients are going sidewaze, day to day. On the other hand, both of us are at retirement age ao perhaps now is the time.
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Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
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i work for a large global medical company, and my job responsibilities are world-wide. have been in overdrive (working 7am to 1am with the odd break here and there) trying to keep up with COVID-19 driven issues and requirements - and keep our support viable. my SO is similar (but not the same industry). in spite of the workload, we both feel incredibly fortunate - our incomes are stable, so we are focused on supporting vulnerable family members and others in our orbit and community who are struggling. wish we could do more, but we are doing what we can (and worried about the ones who have gone radio silent that we havenít been able to reach).
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government worker, designated essential, goto work everyday and get paycheck like normal till someone has symptoms, then oh shit
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is insensitive
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I work for a midsized West Coast Charitable organization, should be fine.
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Out of work..
Medical issues..
May be homeless in 6 to 9 months if the virus issues aren't fixed..
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Name: George
I work for a local family owned company. Probably everyone will be collecting unemployment for the 12 weeks or more so the company wont get as hurt in the long run. Not sure what they are gonna do about our health insurance, we will see. I do believe they care about us.

I know I will have a job with them after this and once the virus is over with I know business will be booming with good weather.

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Unholy Blasphemies
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Name: Chris
Work for a small business. We are "essential infrastructure," so I should be ok as long as jobs keep coming in.
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Name: Ben
In 2010 my girlfriend and I bailed out and spent 5 years traveling around on a sailboat, depending how this goes we may be going for that plan again. I am self employed and if the economy goes 2008 again I may be barely working for quite a while.

Luckily my girlfriend can work full time from home (for now at least) and our sailing kitty is in decent shape if we decide its time to get the hell out for a few years until the economy comes back. We need very, very little money when living on the boat so it doesn't take much to last a few years.

In the short term I have some vintage bikes to restore, a house that needs work and a sailboat to build so I will keep myself busy if work dries up.

Overall, we are very lucky to have the option to basically drop from the world for a few years if needed. No kids, no debt, no family that needs us to care for them.
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Suh Dude
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Chose the wrong time to switch jobs. Now at the mercy of our gov shutdown before I can start at the new place, not getting paid or getting insurance.
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Name: bobesponja
Working from home for the foreseeable future. Technically considered an essential employee because I do infrastructure stuff. If nothing is broken I can do just about all of it from home, so I’m staying put at my house.
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Originally Posted by tuxumino View Post
government worker, designated essential, goto work everyday and get paycheck like normal till someone has symptoms, then oh shit
Same here.

I'd rather not be out there exposing myself right now. We are handling as much work as we can over the phone and not going into private residences unless necessary, among other safety precautions.
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