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Originally Posted by DesiDucati View Post
All I see inside there are cleaning supplies. My friends told me a long time ago their stores were outrageously successful and packed with lines going all the way outside the doors on Black Fridays.
I worked there back in those days. What a nightmare. 6am to about 1:30am. Unfortunately any other time you could’ve possibly been on the clock that many hours as a sales associate, you’d make a ton of commission. But since it was black Friday (day after Christmas was also like this), most of the stuff that was moving was loss leaders which had little or no spiffs in them.

When the doors opened, people would charge into the departments and just grab all kinds of stuff. Then scurry off to some dark corner of the store and sort through their cart full of super discounted stuff. When they realized they maybe didn’t need a 6 disc Alpine cd changer cartridge (even if it was only $3), they just cast it aside wherever they were. Days after Black Friday we’d be finding stuff buried behind shelves on the total opposite side of the store where they came from. God damn savages.
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They've kept 4 people in the corporate office to close their books. I know a couple of them. Everyone else gone.
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