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Join Date: Feb 2020
Location: Folsom, CA
Motorcycles: Ninja 400
WERA Buttonwillow Round 8/14-16/2020 w/Feel Like A Pro

Feel Like A Pro, LLC is looking at the viability of going to the WERA round at Buttonwillow on 8/14-16/2020. Is anyone interested in renting and racing one of our Ninja400's if we do go?

You don't have to worry about gas, tires, maintenance, warmers, or any other bike related stuff. You bring your gear and race.

Friday Practice is $399 rental rate.
Saturday/Sunday rental is $798 for as many practices and races that the 400 qualifies for that you want to race.

Racer is responsible for race entry fees and any crash damage to the rental bike.

Respond, Email, Call, or text if interested.

Ryan Peterson, Owner
Feel Like A Pro, LLC
Michelle Peterson, Owner
Feel Like A Pro
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