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Name: George
Circuit RiderCourse review

I spent last week learning how to teach the MSF Circuit RiderCourse (CRC).

Then I taught the CRC to a class of students on Saturday.

Summary: The CRC helps riders improve their riding skills whether they are relatively new or an advanced rider. Multiple trainers (coaches) observe students' riding and can give a lot of feedback to help advance each student's riding skill, customized for that student's need. The course helps students refine their riding skills and teaches more mental aspects of riding not taught in other courses.

CRC Description:

There are 6 classroom sessions and 5 range sessions.

Each of the classroom sessions teach the theory and the range sessions provide an opportunity to work on that skill.

CRC was developed with an alliance of Kevin Schwantz, Nick Ienatsch and the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation).

The range includes a course about 3/4 mile long with straights, left turns, right turns, constant radius turns, increasing radius turns and decreasing radius turns. Speeds vary from about 60 mph on the straights to about 20 mph in the slowest turns.

Students ride the course in both directions, at different times.

We had expert riders and novice riders in Saturday's CRC. All riders reported and exhibited growth in their riding skills.

The novice rider in the class had been riding a couple of months and about 600 miles.

The expert riders had decades of experience. Some of the expert riders were also motorcycle instructors.

The CRC starts with teaching smoothness with limited and slow control use. Gradually, more and more controls are allowed so that the students gradually learn to use each of the controls smoothly.

As they get smoother, their speeds begin to increase. Sometimes we had to stop them and slow them down.

The RiderCoaches lead, follow and ride among the students to give on bike coaching on the course. RCs might also pull a student into the pits to coach them and then return to the course to work on their riding as they were coached to do so.

The Great:
The CRC flows well, keeps the students very occupied and engaged.
Students get a lot of opportunities to practice riding technique at street speeds.

The not so great:
This is NOT an advanced riding techniques class teaching dragging your knee or quick transitions from one side to the other and things like that.

Bottom line:
This class is GREAT for the students to work on PERFECTING their basics at street speeds.

A Kevin Schwantz quote from the CRC: "Top riders execute basic skills nearly perfectly, then add their finer techniques."
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