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Originally Posted by somesuch View Post
too late this time, but maybe it will help someone in the future...

most fork seals on typical forks are super easy to do....there is a bolt at the bottom that secures fork lower to the cartridge. It is usually an 8mm Allen.
- turn the fork upside down
- use an impact to take that bolt out and keep track of the copper washer that's there
- pull the lower leg out
- pop the scraper out
- remove wire seal retainer
- heat the area around the seal slightly with the torch
- pop the seal out with a screw driver
- put the new seal in and using the old seal tap it in
- put the wire retainer back in
- push the scraper in
- put the lower tube back into the upper tube
- reinstall the bolt

this took much longer to write than it takes to do...once the forks are out of the bike, I've replaced the seals in about five minutes....

you do need to check what caused them to leak, and if there is burr on the tube from a rock, sand it down with some fine sand paper, I like 1500

you can obviously do a fork oil change at the same time
Who WOULDN'T do a fork oil change at the same time? Like, do people actually pour the old fork oil back in? wtf.
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