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Wasn't there similar talk when they went to 4 stroke in MotoGP and MX? Nothing changed.

I recall similar talk from people who boat or fish. No way I'm buying no 4 stroke. Now almost every motor on a boat is 4 stroke.

Things change, that is all we know for sure.


/thread. Cannot get better unless she has a twin. And she pulls up on a moto w/ pre-rolled spliffs and a bottle of single-malt. While humming "Pour Some Sugar On Me".

Kick her in the taco then upper decker her toilet. /thread

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2wheels good 4wheels bad
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I find it odd that there's almost a hive mind type of resistance to that change. its going to be a fun, competitive spec class with a healthy grid and its not going to cost you anything or change your life for the worse, so why be such a vocal proponent against it? If it fails, let it fail, but why be so opinionated over something that doesnt really affect you at all. those types of stubborn behaviors baffle me.
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Big difference between the complaints of 2t to 4t back in the day. And I don't care if it exists and people watch it. HAve at it. My point is it will not catch on and replace the viewership of F1/GP. It'll lose money (for the series itself, we know no team makes money racing anything directly) and at best, exist.

I'll leave this here:

Oh boy, the excitement is uncontrollable.

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