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Yes, a left turn where there's 2 lanes going left (one can also do u-turn)....sometimes I see people cut up all the way to the front, but I was thinking that you can only split on a dotted line going straight, not in turns. Besides, like you said, it would be too crazy with people turning the cars even if you did get up to the front while traffic is stopped.

Thanks for the reply and enlightenment
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Originally Posted by maidenfan84 View Post
Yes, a left turn where there's 2 lanes going left (one can also do u-turn)....
I've only split to the front between left turn lanes when traffic was heavy and I was able to get past ten or more cars. I've never bothered for just two or three. It's not all that hard to take off from the intersection faster than the two cars in front.

And I'm still occasionally missing the ability to split lanes here.
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Thanks for the great info DataDan. Have been riding for about a year now but have not had to do a long commute where splitting lanes was of importance. As of late i will be commuting from Antioch to Union City so this thread will come in handy!
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