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Thumbs up BARF Bash 5 - wrap up.

Hello Barf!

Thanks to all the barfers and friends that came out to support the BARFday Bash. It was so good to see so many friends and put faces to many online faces.

We have some friends of barf (sponsors) to thank for donating products for the raffle and of course Milpitas Motorsports went out of their way to come in on a Sunday and more to help us celebrate almost 5 years of ing. Official birthday in Jan. 3rd btw.

SO lets start with the BARFies... I hope this catches on and more folks will want one and take the time to post good content.. to help make barf better.. and more.. here are your 2006 winners:

1. Best Race reports - GoGo
Eric Gulbransen write some of the best race reports I have ever seen and the entertainment value to us is huge. I hope more racers will join in..! Several have done very good ones.. Matt's story about catching on fire and still making the show at the LA National was one that I really found fun. Eric is like your favorite TV show.. you expect to see it.. and you expect it to be good and he always comes through. Here is an example:

2. Best adventure ride story - Gsxrgirrl does Banff, Alberta by Nogall

3.Best thread - Liam "Liam's Wild Ride"
In what has become and inspiration to many and a "wish I could have done that" to many of us, Liam's adventure continues and he has created a real following here and I am one of Liam's followers! You don't need a link to know where this one is ... do you???

4. Best Motophoto story - 280 Squaggler. Mi Vida Loca ( my crazy life)

5. Best adventure Race story - wannabe - Bonneville

6.Best adventure Ride Dirt - Butch - "Dirt Bike Kauai, or MotoHawaii or, or Billy's playground..."

A very cool 3 part story with photos that takes us along with Butch to ride Kauai. The challenges and the scenic beauty and info on how to do it were a very cool piece for Butch to share with those that dirt ride or those that don't.. just a fun read.

7. Most likely to post something worth reading - Budbandit
AFM199 was a close second, but BB has been doing it for longer in his own brand of communication. Sometimes it creates a stir, sometimes just plain old good input, but when BB post, peeps pay attention.

8. Most helpful LEO - Motoman4life was the consensus, but props have to go out to Brash as he helped start the LEO Forum and has been a vocal member of the community willing to lend his knowledge to us as well. I saw a picture of you at the event.. I did not know you were there.. very bummed we did not meet.

9. Best sponsor banner - Zoom Zoom
The smiling teeth seemed to catch the folks eye and definitely was worthy of the award. Hare Racing and Evolution Suspension got honorable mention here.

10. Kitchen sink best thread.. Melissa.. what are you thinking right now?
It received a small margin over speedycorky and one thread that certainly showed some passionate support "Cold Shower" by Feanor.

11. Biggest post whore - xgambit took the title by being consistent over time. Psychochik was a very close second and several other members had played the role over the 5 years that are worthy of mention.. but I won't.

I also handed out a few special BARFie awards as follows:

12. Admin award - Baptistro
This one went to the guy who takes a lot of heat for me by being the chief of police for our TOS. Not afraid to take action.... Almost always this application is strict to the TOS and the willingness to ding a friend or even himself to maintain the integrity of the TOS. Also a great friend that has helped keep this place alive and well in many aspects from the basic running of the site, consulting on new forums and keeping this "Wild One" under control when it comes to what makes barf unique and fun.

13. Most dedicated barfer - Pit Ho
This one went out to a guy with all of 5 posts.. but with countless hours of volunteering time with the race team. Supporting events and basically being willing to do anything I ask. For 3 years he has not missed a race day.. set up/tear down/ move /lug / lift /drive... whatever it takes to keep us going.
He was even willing to let me pimp on him with the Samurai Chef skits for BARFracing. Here was his last one at Laguna.

14. Most social active Mod's.. Mortifer and YanaBanana.
They go to meets.. they greet.. they take pic's they share.. they ride.. they just do the thing that make barf a more special place than it would be with out them. The last year they have stepped it up to be a big part of helping the site be more than a site... be a community.

15. Technology - Valgar
Dave does sleep.. I have know idea when.. but riding to tech meetings in the rain.. chasing gremlins in the system.. advising me on potential threats to our universe and showing up at so many events to boot. Also a very special thanks to Nexus (Tom). He helped set up the new servers.. help me buy them.. spent countless hours as did Dave and Nevin (bsd43) during the server swap.
These 3 guys took the bull by the horns to fix the technology side for us. So we can Guys.. you all deserve one

16. The putting up with me award. - My Wife...Mrs. Budman
When we got married she knew I was a rider for life.. I had impressed her when she was 17 by wheeling down the street. Decades later we met again and fell in love... She watched me crash at the track the first track day and followed to the ER and has been through knee surgeries and injuries.. and so much time away for the racing effort I don't know really how to say thanks. Then you throw in the transition to owning barf and all the behind the scenes work to do billing, get swag sold, shipped and still do all for the kids and all for the household and put up with my crazy hours at my real work (commercial architecture). Too many times I have hit her with stuff I have done and committed her "to do" with out taking the time to give her the full story. She has seen me drop tens of thousands of dollars into barf for no other reason than I love this place and want to keep it alive and growing and evolving for you..the membership. Faceless people to her, but folks that share my passion. I love you.. (she won't read this ..) and thanks for putting up with a man that has an addiction to two wheels that there is no way for her to ever understand it.

So..other event stuff... The Slow Race.. Congrats Brad! For being the slowest rider in the Bay Area!.. Can't wait to see what happens when you defend the title next year.. maybe the will do some practicing..

The Bands..
Ded Ringer: Julio plays the base and we have been friends since 7th grade. He chose music as a passion.. I chose Motorcycling.. but the passion is the same.. he loves it. In classic power trio trim Ded Ringer rocked us for the second time at a barf event. All original music leads to some real cool rock and they will be back no doubt.

ANGST: The young guns from Modesto. Man I wish I had that kind of talent at such a young age. The kids are good and I think you will see big things from this group in the future. They genuinely enjoyed playing for us and brought a killer sound system along. I hope they don't get to famous to fast so we can have them again..


Led by Crashjunkie and Jmack the four man band was a great way to say good bye to the day.. those that left early missed out on some real barf fun as they played some classic tunes and played with the crowd. Smiles were all around including the other bands... fun fun guys... thanks for doing this special event. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see these guys play for us again

The Raffle:
Man.. when YanaBanana and Mort go on a mission they rock the house!
I was totally surprised to see the goodies that they brought to supplement what we already had. I always have a good time playing the part of the MC and playing with the crowd a bit here and their. Dragon got his fair share and this was not the first time... one lucky bastid.. that guy..LOL.

So a big thanks to:

LeoVince our race team sponsor.. for the second time this year they stepped up with a great prize.. 500 buck gift cert. Thanks to Will for coming out to the event and supporting us! And Tim and Jon for the support.

SUOMY provided a bunch of hats and a new Helmet as well

Fremont Honda / Kawasaki for throwing in a PTT Trackday.

Zoom Zoom stepped in again and Chris and gang always take care of BARF.

SMHooligans provided a Supermoto Track day and came out to support us as well. Dion is one of our Mod's and thanks for that is due as well.

MotoroticaUSA provided a Supermoto bike rental to go with the above so Dragon.. could get his swerve on without having to go buy a bike...thanks Val!

Motostrano gave us so much swag we could not get to some of the other stuff..without canceling a band.. wow.. very nice of you guys!!!!!!!
I cannot even list all of it.. so cool. Hats , shirts.. visors.. belts.. on and on.

10Bomb with a couple sets of Tie downs and Art also helped run the slow race and gives his time to help moderate the board as well.

Santa Clara Cycle Accessories came out to the event to support us and also provided several gift certificates as well.. thanks Doug and Greg!!

All American of Santa Cruz donated some T-shirts.

Red Bull provided 3 John Hopkins autographed posters and enough Red Bull for free to light my daughter up!! The guys from ANGST seemed to cop a good vibe too..

Bike World provided some tie downs.

Cycle Gear of RWC several gift certificates and some gloves too.

Zooni leathers threw in 4 x $50 gift certificates as well.

Peninsula Honda / Ducati provide gift certificates as well.. and I told most of the winners a 999 was just a few $$ away..

Jason Watt (jewsfzr on our site) provided and awesome piece of original artwork of Nicky Hayden... truly beautiful Jason.. you got skillz!

And on to others that came out to hang with us..

Evolution Suspension (Robert and Jane)
Storey and Storey (Scotty)
Moike and his side cars.
Minibarf racing.. always great to see you guys!!!!!
MSF... for supporting our efforts at the party and the HS presentations.

Thanks also to Tex's Smokehouse Q. For providing a good deal on some awesome food... man .. they did it right!

And finally those volunteers who kept me from going completely crazy.

Steve and Suzan.
My bud Steve Conk who directed traffic for hours and stayed to help clean up until the bitter end.
Jim and Art and Yana and Mike and Vicki and Voa, and Wesley, Tim and his honey, Steph and Bap and of course Pit Ho..! I am sure I missed someone.. ahh!!
Ken Carlotta AFM # 847 for bringing out his bike while our guys were off racing and practicing....
And my wife and daughters for doing the barf booth..

The diversity of the crowd was amazing and I think most had a great time.. really missed some of the folks I have come to know that did not get to make it and others that I wanted to meet from the board who's on line personalities are very cool..

In closing.. just a phew.. glad we did it.. and hope to do it again

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