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Smile My Story!

What’s up guys, I would like to share my story about how I got into the wonderful world of motorcycling. During my junior year in high school when I first got my license I chose to buy an r6 over a car because I thought it looked sweet and saved some gas. I worked hard saving up all my money, bought it and took it home and gave my parents a little surprise. I even brought it out to my school’s car show to pose with it.

One day, Enchanter, Budman, Volcomism, and others set up a 1Rider booth at my high school (Monta Vista) car show, and this is where it all started. I didn’t even bother to go over to their booth for the duration of the show, as I was too busy showing off my bike. Only near the end did Anthony (Volcanism) come and talk to me a bit about my r6. Here's the thread to the car show:

When the show ended, I found my bike would not start, because me, not knowing anything, left the ignition on for the entire hour. Enchanter was cleaning and loading up his kidnapper van, so my friends went over and asked him to help me with starting my bike, but that was not the only thing he helped me with. He also taught me basic motorcycle safety. I rode around in a t-shirt with dirt biking gloves and an old XL helmet (I’m a size small). I thought wearing this amount of gear was normal. He came over and started my bike up by running beside it and bump-starting it. At that time I did not think it was even possible to do something like that. I thought to myself, “What a nice guy for helping me out,” and I was about to go my way but Enchanter wasn’t done.

Being the nice guy he is, Tim (Enchanter) wasn’t about to let a 17-year-old ride off on a 600 without any guidance. He began to inspect my bike, and listed off the problems that it had. He told me to pull out my phone, and enter his number, and said, “If you want to be smart and live longer, you will call me.” He told my friends to remind me to call him. He said he would tell all my teachers to remind me to call him. At first, I didn’t believe him and didn’t think much about it. I thought MAYBE I’d call him someday. I thanked him for starting up my bike and my friends and I left. They laughed at me for being such an idiot (leaving ignition on) and told me I should probably call Tim if I wanted to get some help and advice.

The very next week I was sitting in my history class, and my teacher came up to me. “So Kevin, have you called Tim yet?”
WTF? I was so surprised that he actually told all my teachers. After this I realized maybe calling him was a good idea. I called him up and he set up a time to come to my house because he wanted to talk to my parents about me riding a motorcycle at my age.
When he came, he got my mother’s opinion on me riding, and spoke with her about what I had to do to become more aware of my safety. (Gear, MSF class, etc.) In that same week, my biology teacher, Mrs. Frazier, called my mother, telling her the same things Tim did. I was shocked.

After all of this, we took my r6 to his house and we went over it thoroughly, from head to toe, checking for problems and fixing any small issues with it. It also gave me a chance to learn the various parts of a motorcycle, and how it worked. I left my bike at his place for “further repairs.” I later learned Tim had every intention of keeping it at his place because he didn’t want me riding until I took MSF and developed some skill.

I took the MSF course through Mountain View Los Altos Adult School, and it was a very good experience. I learned proper riding techniques and how to be smart about riding on the street. Really, it was one of the best 150 bucks I ever spent!
After I got my M1, I bought complete protective gear (head to toe) from Santa Clara Cycle and I began to ride more and more, and met up with Tim several more times so he could teach me how to work on my r6 to ensure it was safe to ride.

From then on my r6 became my commuter, riding to school and work. I began to feel a lot more comfortable on it, but I crashed for the first time. I was going through a turn, and I thought I was going too fast. My bike could have made the turn, but my brain told me otherwise. I slammed both brakes and they locked up, causing me to slide out of control. I went into a tree sideways at 5 mph. Luckily for me, my protective gear left me unscratched. The r6 only suffered cosmetic damage on the fairings. From this incident, I learned not to panic and just ride it out.

Another time I was in a parking lot hanging out, and my friend leaned too hard on the left side of the bike, and caused it to tip over hard. I was sitting on it, so I went down with the bike. It went down against the curb, so the muffler had an enormous dent; my right rearset was bent inwards,, and my front brake lever had snapped off. The fairings were also scratched more. At least she paid for it!

After all of the abuse my r6 went through in the short four months, I decided to just sell it and buy another bike, as I had some more money saved up. I ended up buying a 2008 Honda CBR600RR. I continued to commute everyday on the street, and within a couple months I wanted to hit the twisties. I looked up Group Rides on BARF, and I chose to ride with Rene and his Sunday Mellow Group Rides. With the practice I had from my seven months of riding, I went through the twists and turns with a fair amount of ease. Going downhill was still challenging for me, as my body always wanted to put all the weight on the handlebars.

I try to go to as many group rides as I can, as it is a good time to relax and enjoy the scenery and meet other riders, while continuing to practice my developing riding skills. I am anticipating the weather to warm up so I can continue riding.

Thanks for reading!!

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