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Up'ing the Quest to 275

NOTE: This has become a continuous log that I started 4/3/12 and now spans season over season with the trials and tribulations of Top Speed, or Land Speed Racing. We race at three venues in the West; Bonneville Salt Flats, El Mirage and the Mojave Mile. Latest updates are at the end of course, and I hope you enjoy following our journey to be the fastest in our Classes on two wheels. Enjoy! --Papi

Timeline started: April 3rd, 2012
Latest Update Posted: 4/4/16 at the end of the thread. Now into the 2016 Season!

Team Facebook Page:

Updates also on my personal Facebook Page @:

Correction Update: We have changed classes on one bike from 1650 APS-BF to 1350 APS-BF. So instead of editing previous pages, new updates will say 1350 APS-BF instead. This was a displacement change we made last minute due to motor geometry changes we made.

I will put together a little play by play thread here so you can see a start to finish standpoint of LSR (Land Speed Racing) in the Motorcycle Class and two different bikes we run. This thread will be for the upcoming 2012 Season. (Edit, now into the 2015 Season!)

The first is our 1650CC Production/Production bike we have the record on aka 1650P/P. Production Class is by far one of the most challenging because of the severe limitations we work within. One of course is that the factory motor must remain in it's original factory cases, as does all body work including fenders. Lights get taped off, but all in all, it's a production machine. We are allowed to make internal performance modifications, as long as they cannot be seen and the bike looks and behaves the way it would as a stocker.

Next is our 1650CC Special Construction Partially Streamlined Blown Fuel bike, aka 1650 APS-BF.

Our 1650 P/P goal this year is to up our incumbent record in the mile of 191.895 to 200, and our speed in the 5 mile to 210+. This is a pretty big leap and we have a lot of work to do. Mainly going over our previous build sheets, seeing what missed, enhancing tuning characteristics, minor tweaks here and there. Basically push that Production Bike to the very edge.

On the 1650 APS-BF bike, well we have a bit of a blank slate. I hurt that motor pretty bad in one run last year (the mile) and we will have to go through it, find the weaknesses and build her the way we want. Our goal is to have a stable 400+HP in the first half of the year, then ramp her up with more boost and magic the latter half to over 500HP. I'm also not very happy with the body, and we will have a new body made (similar to the Charlie Toy design) or go more radical on the aero. This bike will not be as easy, since we have no real baseline like we do with P/P bike, hence, far more variables to overcome. I would like to see upwards of 275MPH this year on that bike. I am fairly confident we will far exceed 225 in the dirt on the mile, but 275 at Bonneville is gonna be a ride.

This weekend begins another complete teardown and bolt by bolt inspection. Every bolt, nut and screw will be replaced, marked and inspected. The motors will be torn down, measured, machined, assembled and placed on a motor dyno and testing room. In this room we can acquire over 200 data points of the engine and measure everything. It is here where we will get real HP at the crank.

Over the next 6 weeks, it will be a scramble right up to the first meet in May for a two day racing event where we will shake the bikes down first in Rounds 1 to 3, then see what they have in Rounds 4-6. If all stays together, we will be back at it once or twice a month in Bonneville and El Mirage chasing Record speeds in two classes.

Stay with this thread as I will post pix and results from our quest to 275 this year.

Below, the calm before the storm Our two horses waiting in idle for a complete teardown this weekend.
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