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Originally posted by duc996girl
Shhh.... don't tell anyone. I've gotta keep my MEAN persona...
Whatever... you're a softy!! And you SUPER SUCK for leaving me here in Asia alone. Dude it's just me -vs- Kim Jong Ill now!!

well just me and my puppah! ^^

who's scurry? <--- my flickr page!

Ever in Seoul, Korea/LA? =) Wanna get wasted? X) Holla 'scurry505' on YIM.

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Dood...shaddup Scurry..I'm a mean, bad ass motherf#$%$*r! :finger <-- SEE? I ain't no nice chick. *GrRRr* Hahaha....yeah..that sounded hardcore in my head. I miss you, come back to's better here. Fuck KR man! And bring ur puppah!
You don't really know what you have until you lose it....

I am happy with the one man...err..motorcycle in my life....Bella...
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good times, can't wait for this Sunday for this years Barf Bash!!!!

sunday 6/22/08

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Ahh, memories.

Hopefully the weather will be a lot less gloomy this time!
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Originally Posted by Hooli View Post
Ahh, memories.

Hopefully the weather will be a lot less gloomy this time!
Werd, twas rather foggy last time out. Fun regardless !!

Thanks for the bump Mort, some good pics bringin back some fun memories !!
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oh wait..
this is teh BARF...
that's normal around here...

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