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So sorry I can't make it. Rode to Gary's memorial site on Pescadero road this afternoon to pay my respects. It was dark, cold and damp but at the same time quiet and peaceful.

We'll miss you Gary, see ya on the other side.

Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you didn't commit.

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Damn, I have a previous engagement that I can't get out of that weekend.

Donating to the cause though !
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Flying Pig
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For those of you who are coming to the event at the beach. I recommend you park across the street. We have the north lot reserved for us. The park rangers have been very nice to us and they would like to leave the other two lots open to the public. Plus, if anybody's ever been into the Pescadero lot, it's not very safe for the average rider. Lots of sand and ruts on the way to the north lot. They did mention to me that there is an $8 per vehicle fee, so parking across the street is not only easier, but more economical.

Here is a picture of the entrance to the beach.

Standing in the same spot, but turning to the right, this is the lot I am talking about across the street. The dirt there is much harder packed and is more flat so parking there will be easier. Just be sure to look both ways before crossing Highway 1.

Green = parking areas. I recommend parking along Pescadero Creek Rd for safer parking conditions and to avoid the $8 fee.
Orange = the beach that the Celebration of Life will be held at.
GaryJ Lylith
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Lunch Box
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Thanks for the update and info, Solomon. I am going to do my best to make it to this.
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Originally Posted by Lesbusa View Post
In. And will donate to the family.
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Awesome idea.
MikeR "Indy"
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Have fun (as much as possible) everyone. Wish I could be there myself. Florida's a bit far but if God loves me (I'm told he does, but...) then I'll be living back in California in time for this. Jill, you had an icon in your presence and probably will have the spirit of one in your presence forever. Take care.
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Very sorry to hear of this.
"more than one bang"
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Thx Doc.
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I'll be there caging it in the truck, will have tools and stuff for support if needed. Have a good ride guys and be safe. Robert 510 207 8766
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I can't make it, but we'd like some help with our memorial in CityBike magazine (Gary wrote for us a few times):
I love motorcycles, bigly.
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wish i can make it, but i give a class that day
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I don't know if I will go at this point since I never met Gary in person. His posts on BARF have helped me as a rider. Gary, through his posts helped me with riding during wet weather conditions. I will keep reading his riding during wet conditions posts like the Bible. One of a few people that can translate the how to ride the bike on to paper.

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