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Fok Julle Naaiers
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Originally Posted by Superbike-Coach View Post
yea, really good idea. i should have one of these built for me
fixed for ballers-r-us
Be silent, be violent. And link those fucking videos

Why Should One Give A Fuck If A Victim Shoots Their Victimizer-Meter Man

I am so sad for you that you were conceived with pee-amazighlol
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Great idea! definitely going to need to build one of these!
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Master Hashassin
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Im just gonna go ahead and take this off your hands Thanks
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I can vouch for this thing being sturdy as hell.

Also, if you make it taller it works great for a solid workbench. I might make one for working on guns or reloading ammo or something like that.
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BiG Chris
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I need to make me a table
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