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FZ8 throttle issue

fuel pump started acting up, so I put in a new fuel pump, started it up sounded great. got on the freeway and, holy shit , where are my RPMs? Had the throttle fully open couldn't get more than about 5500 rpm and speed was around 65-72 mph.

went home, ran the diagnostic mode.

d01 read 16. was a little confused. does that mean fault code no. 16 (Throttle position sensor; stuck throttle position sensor detected) or is it just the normal value for d01? because the manual says that in d01 the meter should display something between 14-20 for a fully closed throttle. Opened the throttle all the way in diagnostic, it went to 99; let it go, it went back to 16. if i read the manual correctly, that means the throttle position sensor is OK.

Thought i would give the bike one more try. started it up ran fine, went to gas station. leaving station i noticed that the throttle was not very responsive. first few stop lights was getting smoked off the light by soccer moms and old ladies.

then, it red-lined. instantaneously, rpms shot from about 5000-5500 or so to about 12k. luckily, i hadn't fully released the clutch, so I did not have an evel knievel jumps glen park canyon attempt.

bike ran great rest of the way to work (just a couple of miles). was hopeful that the issue had resolved itself. but it didn't. On the way home throttle was not responding very well or very smoothly. idling is normal.

Fault code 16 also says that the ECU could be malfunctioning. so would you say this is a throttle position sensor, ECU or something else problem? Thank you
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