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Moto Beck
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Motorcycles: '18 Triumph 765 RS
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For Sale - 2018 Triumph Street Triple RS - will donate to the good folks of BARF if sold here.

I'm the original owner and bought this bike back in July 2018. It's the best motorcycle i've ever owned. I've ridden the hell out of it and I've taken meticulous care of it. All oil changes done every 3,000 miles, coolant and brakes flushed once a year. The only maintenance not done by me was done by Evolution in San Jose for the 12.5k mile valve check - all valves were spot on because this damn bike is bullet proof. My suspension was also adjusted by Rob at Evolution when he worked there (set for a 215lb rider). I'm more than happy to talk about any questions you may have related to the maintenance of this bike - you won't find one better kept.

I've had literally zero issues with this bike - it's done a track day, touring, and many rides around the great roads of the bay area - she's got plenty of life left and looking for a new home.

Why am I selling? Sometimes you have to scratch a different itch and i'm just trying something different.

The Mods list is extensive - likely missing some parts but these are the key pieces. I do not think that farkles add value to a used bike and are listed below just as an FYI. I do however think there is some value in more expensive performance mods for this bike that are factored into the price.

Performance Mods:
- Scorpion Titanium RP1-GP Exhaust ($800) (baffle is out but i have the baffle - fantastic sound - i have video clips if you'd like to hear it) - have the stock exhaust if you want it but it's a porker and doesnt sound as good

- Rapid Bike Evo ($525) - self tuning ECU module - this is to adjust the air/fuel for the scorpion pipe but also makes this throttle (which was already amazing) super freaking smooth - 2nd gear at 10k is just as smooth as 3rd gear at 3k. I have the computer dongle if you want to tinker - otherwise this is an AI based ECU so the map is adjusted simply just from riding it. This bike comes stock with a quickshifter, this module makes it easy to add the rapid bike auto blipper if you want clutchless downshifts as well (an easy mod with this already installed)

- Matris SDK Steering Damper ($400) - 13 points of adjustment - mainly helps for side to side transitions at fast speed - this makes it feel like it's on goddamn rails

Protection Mods:
- Triumph OEM engine covers
- Triumph OEM frame sliders
- R&G Bar end sliders
- R&G carbon tank protectors

Other Mods:
- BMC Performance Air Filter
- LED Headlights (super bright)
- R&G Tail Tidy
- Triumph OEM (Euro) LED Front Turn SIgnals
- Motogadget Blaze LED Rear Turn SIgnals
- Rizoma foot pegs (much grippier over stock - i have the stockers if you want them)
- Evotech rear passenger peg delete (i have the rear passenger pegs if you want to put them back on - it's a 2 min install) - i also have the stock passenger seat in addition to the painted cowl shown in the photos
- TWM Keyless Gas Cap
- CRG hindsight bar end mirrors (have the stock triumph mirrors too)

Other Call Outs:
- Showa big piston fully adjustable front forks and ohlins rear shock make this the most stable bike i've ever ridden on the track or street - fantastic at any speed
- Brembo M50 brakes are phenomenal and stop on a dime - brembo brake lever offers 3 way customizable actuation
- Reg just paid - good through July 2021 - Oil good for another 3,000 miles (recently changed)
- Pirelli Rossa Corsa 2s with barely 200 miles on them - good to go!

17,7XX miles on this bike - may go up a bit but not by much - not really riding much - do not let this mileage scare you - this bike has been well kept - it's never been dropped or crashed - i've taken meticulous care of it and happy to answer any questions.

This bike has been ridden as motorcycles should and it's been the most reliable bike i've ever owned. Easy to DIY maintenance and doesnt need a major service again until 25k miles. It's running even better than when i first got it with the performance mods and that triple sound with the scorpion one exhaust sings Moto2 notes into your skull.

Left control cluster recalled days after I bought the bike by Marin Speed Shop, was not impacted by brembo brake recall as I put fresh pads on at 15k miles.

I'm not in a rush to sell this bike - it was my baby - i won't accept low ball offers so don't waste my time. This bike is ready to shred.

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