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Name: Danno
To fix:

1. I’ve got spare rocker I’ll send you. Can compare to one you have and see that tab is broken off on yours.

2. Get about 10-15ft of soft nylon rope.

3. Rotate piston past BDC on intake stroke, then halfway up compression stroke. You can confirm compression stroke by seeing both exhaust and intake cam-lobes aimed upwards away from valves.

4. Feed in through spark-plug hole as much soft nylon rope as you can, 10-15ft of rope

5. Rotate engine towards TDC of compression stroke to cram rope up against valve heads. This holds valve in place when you push down on valve-retainer to re-install keepers. Valve won’t drop into cylinder and make re-installing keepers impossible.

Toyota and Volvo have these nifty tools to push on valve buckets to allow easy removal of shims for clearance adjustments. Don’t have to remove cams to adjust shims!

I’ll make forked version of this this tool to press on valve-retainers of EX250. Then send it to you after I finish replacing my valve-stem seals without removing having to remove engine or head.

6. Use special-tool to press down on valve-retainer enough to free keepers

7. Re-install keepers around grooves in valve-stem end

8. Slowly release valve-retainer by gently withdrawing special-tool, remove rope

9. Install new unbroken rocker arm

10. Adjust valve-clearance, might as well check all others

That’s it!!! Stuck valve and broken rocker fixed!!

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