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Vortex Rearsets Bearing/Shims Help

Replacing some bits on a vortex rear set and I am stumped on which parts I need. Figured I would reach out here before calling up vortex.

Have a 07 ZX6r with what looks like maybe has either deprecated parts or a mix of vortex parts. I am replacing the foot peg on the shift side. The old peg was jammed into the shift lever. I did get it out but one of the bearings? is damaged, its stuck on the foot peg at this point and needs to be replaced. My trouble is I have no idea what part that is. In the vortex manuals they call it a shim and I cannot seem to find this shim part anywhere but some random site called 58 cycles that I have never used before. This shift lever itself is stamped with part number RS503B which I don't even know what it goes to. RS503 seems to be the part # for the complete set on a gsxr but the instructions for those do not list the shift lever as 503B.

1. Are these bearings or shims? When I think shim I think of a solid piece that goes in between something but I am not educated well enough on these matters.
2. Is there anyone to find a replacement bearing/shim for this shift arm RS503B.
3. Should I just buy the replacement lever that is supposed to be RS410BK? I was trying to not spend the $60-80 for a new shift lever when I don't think I need one. The lever itself was fine and moving freely. And if so does it come with the proper shims/bearings for the shift peg to sit in?

Thought it was just going to be a quick replacement for a $20 part but its much more complicated than I thought.

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