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**Pics from Yosemite Ride. 2-15-04**

It was a truly amazing and breath taking day.

First, thanks Bronto for planning this trip and mapping it out, it wouldn't have happened without you.

For us 3 in SJ, (and Bill who came from Watsonville), we started at 615, went up to Vasco bux, met peoples, and headed out at 8:05 to Sonora for breakfast and then Yosemite. The roads were great up till after priests grade, where the snow on the sides of the road and the wet sandy roads began. bout 30 minutes before the gate on 120, it was really wet and sandy, but no/little ice was observed and few had any problems with slipping around. The snow was a good couple feet in the hills thoughout most of the trek into the valley, but the roads were a breeze with a lil common sense and throttle control.
I just got home with a weak total of 450 miles from a body aching 16 hours of riding (we stopped a lot).
I'll let someone else fill in the rest of the details that I leave out, as I suck at storytelling.

Thanks to everyone that went, it was a great day made possible by all you guys.
and of course there were no incidents or problems of anykind.

here's the group leaving Vasco bux......

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