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Those bumper stickers should be put on the back of everybody's helmet! :
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This is a great idea, kudos to all of you involved for doing this..
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Originally Posted by littlebeast View Post
me too. how about a thread for notice and volunteers.

Owning a hayabusa, I wouldn't mind offering to display it in contrast with other bikes.

You could setup a smaller CC "starter" bike, a middle weight, and my bike. And explain WHY they should start out smaller. Perhaps with help from us, let them feel the weight difference in the bikes.
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Wish I would've seen this a while ago!
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I never heard of motorcycle awareness during my driver ed classes, and educating the youth would (hopefully) instill this. Volunteering sounds pretty awesome, too.
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Love THIS! How can I get involved?
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We have not done one for a while. We found it hard to get the high schools to accept motorcycles as something they wanted to expose the kids too.

Livermore we had an in thanks to Silversvs (LEO). I tried to get schools to accept us and do more and finally work and being fricking rejected all the time made me give up.

I actually wanted to do these as a younger racer with KSJO and had it set up with Scary Gary for 1990, but I ran into financial trouble (broke) and was forced to retire from racing. I still have the flyer somewhere. That would have been fun.

I am sad we could not get these to continue to roll.
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