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Originally Posted by tzrider View Post
Most of the advice in this thread can help a rider become safer on the street. None of it is a sole solution.

Doing certain drills in a parking lot will increase those maneuverability skills. Time on a race track can allow the rider to learn how to optimize traction, develop visual skills and learn that the limits are higher than they usually need to be during legal street riding. None of those environments are the street, but they do support developing relevant skills in isolation.

As I have more experience in track based training than other venues, I'll add this: Becoming a skilled track rider doesn't always equate to becoming a safer street rider. It absolutely can, if safety is a priority for the rider. Some riders are adrenaline junkies though. Adrenaline production is a physiological response to danger and fear. If I help an adrenaline junkie become more proficient, he'st still an adrenaline junkie and will now have to do crazier shit on the street to self stimulate.

If safety is your goal, absolutely work on physical skills. They increase the envelope and make you more comfortable in situations that require drastic inputs. But work on your judgement too. Cultivate keen situational awareness. Consider the implications of blind turns. Anticipate what other drivers may want to do. That stuff isn't as sexy as a track day, but is critical to your safety.
Well said, tzrider.
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Originally Posted by ontherearwheel View Post
My last post on this.....

Just was a Botts dot that took out Gary Jaheane.
And a teen in a Honda took out Joe Montoya.

Lots to say about track VS street, but agree the environments are different. The street requires a higher safety value meaning, less extreme riding is the key to success. As Andy intimated; using a % of one's available skillset and 100% of their judgement is a good strategy. All of the situations presented above by yourself present themselves in a track environment as well, where riders learn strategies. The largest difference is in what happens when a rider hits the ground at the track VS on the street. Gary J's loss was due to just that: impact zones and obstacles on the street....and Gary was a very advanced street and track rider.
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