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Originally Posted by atoyf View Post
DMV test is not there to teach or prove you can ride the bike, it is there to prove that you can control the bike.
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Originally Posted by DucatiHoney View Post
Yeah, thanks. I felt like I was just sittin' here drinking my coffee and reading a thread hoping this poor slob who had a yardsale didn't kick the bucket--usual BARF stuff. Suddenly I'm an a-hole for it because everybody else knows that this guy is some seriously bad news--first I've heard of it was here!
First I've heard of him/them either, so you're not alone in that.

I completely agree with your post. My "let the courts and gods decide" thing was perhaps a more vague way of stating what you said. I haven't seen any links or gotten any real proof of knowing that the accusations in this thread are true, so I'm being a little less direct in my sentiments.
Given my previous association with the Army, I was able to read between the lines and determine that the guy's in the psychopath/sociopath range, did what he was accused of, got a very light sentence unfortunately, and is unrepentant. He never had a true "Come to Jesus" moment where he's realized that he's a massive turd and done anything to attempt forgiveness for his crimes. No pity, no "get over it" will work. At least I'm not calling him a tool & a fool, amirite?
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