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Originally Posted by Wumpus View Post
I think aggressive really translates into being very decisive with your choices. No hesitation and quick execution of the maneuver. This may lead to some aggressive moves that are necessary in certain cases.

It isn't "aggressive" when You ride right... See what has to be done, and calmly tell Your bike to do it.

Problem with near every pavement rider, is they never learned how to ride a bike..
And they are believing they can handle whatever comes up.

Course in the nano second of things going bad (before the crunch sounds arrive), it is Too Late to learn.
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There's a significant difference between aggressive & assertive.

Aggressive is trouble waiting to happen.

Assertive is owning your chunk of the road while you're on it and ensuring you're seen (if you want to be seen) and recognized as a motorist that knows what's necessary.
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