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I thought Teslas were supposed to be better than this, throwing some warning to the driver or something. Anyway, glad that you are ok. Feels bad to see the bike being towed.
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Just another car parked on a residential street and they pull out and U-turn from a dead stop... gives you damn little warning. At least in the country if you see a car on the side of the road you halfway expect it.

I got tagged in an incident like this about six weeks ago, first time I'd ever dropped a bike on the street in over 50 years of riding.
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More DumbFuckistani driving school graduates....

Now they are out there with Branch Covidians and Pandummies.

I have very few close calls, but in the past 6 months I have seen it all!

Like the nimnode in the M5 doing a rolling burnout at 10 AM on 46th avenue and Vicente. My best guess is that he got to 85 after flooring it through 2 stop signs. Kids, bikes, dogs, crosswalks, who gives a shit.... Oh, and he's got the seat all the way back like the E. 14th Street Driving While Blind MFs....

It's not safe out there! \

Thank Gawd she and you weren't at full nitrous speeds. Looks like she may be well-insured, though. No reason not to buy the most expensive replacement you can. Does Bentley make motorcycles? Maybe a new Brough Superior SS100?

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I'm sorry about your accident. Hopefully you (SHE) will be able replace your Baby with something even better.

Great Advice from ThumperX- sometimes the pain takes a while to reveal itself.
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Originally Posted by cheez View Post
Damned inobservant cagers will be end of all of us.
With the word "alset" on our foreheads...
"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." - Eric Hoffer

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Originally Posted by FLH03RIDER View Post
I got tagged by a F-ing Tesla, U turner on a residential street this morning in Livermore...

Soooooo, wear your god-damned gear!!! Be Safe Out There!
OP, I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Looking on the bright side, she drives a Tesla, so I'm assuming she must be able to afford very good insurance. I hope the claim process is speedy and you are made whole very soon.

By the way, your post must have saved my life this past Saturday. I was out early morning riding Woodside/Alice/Alpine/Pescadero and counted three separate occasions where people were making illegal u-turns over double yellow on 35, very often just behind a blind corner and starting from a parked position on the side of the road. The first guy even stopped in the middle of the road, since his massive SUV needed a 3 point turn

Having read what happened to you, I kept caution at the back of my mind and the slower than normal speed gave me enough reaction time. The first one was close though

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Shit 3!!???

That is crazy Alex. People are getting dumber by the minute.
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Sorry to hear about your accident OP. But glad to know you're ok. Someone making a u-turn in front of you is something that has unfortunately become more and more often.
I know someone who ended up in the hospital with multiple fractures ... then surgeries because a car t-boned the rider while trying to make a u-turn.
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