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Name: Nate
Originally Posted by bikeama View Post
Oh you are an adult, riding a reasonable bike, working and taking care of business. The good news is you will outgrow that adult shit*.

* Retired 10 years, just turned 70 and have a 2020 S1000XR. Sure worked nice on the Little Dragon yesterday.

EDIT: toes start rubbing at 41 degrees. Just a nice smooth ride so no DTC or hard breaking.
Beyond jealous...I rode a 2018 and the 5k vibes turned me off. I hear the 2020 model is much better.
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In my 40 years of riding I've owned a lot of bikes. I've worked for Yamaha, KTM, Triumph and Ducati. I currently ride a 2006 ZX14. It's simply been the best bike I've ever owned 77k miles. If I ever blow it up or crash it, ill probably replace it with another.

If your nose runs and your feet smell, you're built upside down.
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Life: It's Terminal!
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my triumph tiger (and likely the F800GS I also looked at) gave me that feeling of "this does everything I want" and only once when me and an AMG mercedes dropped the hammer on each other on a deserted desert highway for laughs did I crave more. But then I rode the 8 hours back to my house in Oakland in comfort and I had no issues.

It was the best adult decision of my life to get that bike and I still wish I'd taken it with me when I moved. Maybe if I move back I'll snag another. Riding season here is only 6 months before it's all covered in snow. Tough to justify a nice bike.
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Mild Hawg
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Conflicted on whether comparing digital 'chicken strips' is a sign of economically entitled adulthood or youthful zeal of owning latest technology.

I see Bill grinning like Calvin...

Bill Smith
Dichotomous existence-SF Bay & State of Jefferson
2011 HD FXDF
Sometimes a bike is just a bike.
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only ones and zeroes
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Name: Jon
As long as you ride motorcycles, you'll never be an "adult".
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Фиг вам еще разик
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Originally Posted by Wolf View Post
But had my FZ for 6 years now can't really justify anything else (maybe a F850GS?). A little more power would be nice, but then I get reminded that I can't make use of the power I already have and that brings me back to reality.
ha. I had a 2011 FZ8 for almost 7 years. if it wouldn't get stolen I'd still have it.
great bike!

have a FZ10 now
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