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Hello fellow AFM Race Fans,

We'd like to salute AFM Racer Shawn Reilly #21 for putting a Buell at the top of the box and providing such an exciting race that it nearly gave John Fosgate a heartache as he called the race!

So we put together a video for you to watch so you can see close this race really was!!!

*It was shot from the Tower on a tripod, but gets taken off and follows the racers by lap 2.

AFM Round 4 | Formula IV Race Video

Suomy America / Vision Wells | On-Track Video Productions

Look for us the next time you're at the racetrack!
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oh my god, I nearly had a heart attack myself

awesome, friggin awesome
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Looks like that kinda puts the whole thing to bed, doesn't it?

Nice STRATEGY and drafting, Shawn!
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In the end, I figure that it just doesn't make sense to get offended for others.
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Hugh Jasole
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