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Name: Ray
Knife sharpener

I will make your knives razor sharp using a guided diamond sharpening system. I can also sharpen freehand if you would like using dmt diamond whetstones. Blade drop offs in SJ will be returned sharpened the same day. SJ drop offs need a 2 day notice and can be done anytime/anyday of the week. SF drop offs need a 3 day notice and can only be dropped off Friday evening - Sunday morning. I can pick up your blades near 280 and 101 onramps SF-SJ on Friday evenings, they will be returned Sunday afternoon. No addtional charge for the the on-ramp pickup/delivery. PM me if you have any questions about the different grinds and pricing. Thank you for your business.

However, there is a $5 minimum, so I will do two 4" blades for $5.

Matching blade's original angle/grind
4" $2.50
8" $5
12" $7
>1' $6 for every 4".
Serrations >2" Add $.50 for every 2"

For convexing an edge, add $1 for every 4", and $2 every 4" after 1'.
For double bevels, add 50c for every 4", and $1 every 4" after 1'.

Please note that convexing a flat beveled edge removes a good
amount of steel the first time it is done.

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