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Name: Budman
Mrs. Budmom prayed for me as a motorcyclist..**edit - Mom passed** now it is time for me to pray fo

When I was born.. it would the first time I caused her pain.

When I was five and fell off the fence and broke my arm it was the first time she had to take me to the emergency room.

When I went for a ride when I was ten.. and came home muddy.. she cleaned me up and fed me.

When I was 12 she said OK to Dad to allow me to get a mini bike.

When I was 13 she looked the other way when I went out on the street to practice wheelies and she fixed up all those bumps and bruises I got dirt biking out in the Palo Alto Baylands.

When I was 14 she said OK to Dad again when I got a CZ 250 and she continued to fix me up.

When I was 15 she looked at me on the couch and said what is wrong.. you look funny. I told her I hurt my arm playing football and she took me to the emergency room (yup broken).

When I was 15-1/2 she said OK to Dad again to get a Yamaha RD 350. I am sure she prayed that I would be safe.

When I was 16 she shook her head when I did wheelies for the family at a Xmas dinner..(two of my Dad’s brothers were police officers and they shook their head too).

When I was 16-1/2 she came to the hospital to collect me after I broadsided a horse trailer and broke a collarbone, and supported me by allowing me to keep the bike and continue to ride (dad wanted it gone).

When I was 17 she took me once again to the hospital for a dislocated elbow gathered in a full contact karate bout. She also forgave me when after surgery I left the hospital with a friend rather than waiting for her to pick me up.

When I was 18 she came to pick me up after I had fallen off a bicycle getting KO’d and had amnesia, taking me to the Doctor and then woke me up all night every few hours to make sure I would awake and I knew who she was and I knew she was there.

When I was 20 and tore my ACL playing football it would be another trip to the emergency room to check on her young man.

When I was 21 she again did not yell about those crazy motorcycles when I broke and dislocated my wrist on my Suzuki RM 250.

When I was 22 and started MX Racing she told me to be safe and I am sure prayed for me once again. Even with a one year old son, she knew this had become part of my soul.

When I was 24 she once again saw me hurt my knee and have surgery offering advice that was not demanding, but prudent for a son with children.

When I was 26 and decided to switch from MX racing to road racing she once again prayed for me, but understood who I was.

When I was 28 and landed KSJO as a primary sponsor she helped a struggling (financially) young man by buying me a custom race suit.

When I was still 28 and crashed at 120 plus, she watched me hobble around the office and still understood when I returned to racing the next year. I am sure she continued to pray.

When I was 29 and went to race in a 24 Hour race she asked if the track had lights and when I said “no” she said to be safe and I am sure continued to pray.

When I was 30 and continued to race and do the 24 Hour thing again she looked at my pictures and listened to my stories and continued to pray.

When I was 31 it was still the same..

When I was 32 and finally gave up racing and went back to street riding she continued to pray for me. Ever since she has continued do the same.

When I was 47 and started to run barf she understood and supported me.

When I was 50 and really started to focus more on safety of other riders, she was finally proud of me being a motorcyclist. (she never could come see one of my races.. she was too worried)

When I was 51 (now) and she is facing life saving heart surgery, a major one that the best Doctors at Stanford said was the only shot at saving her life and because of a heart attack and previous damage that could leave her not making it through the surgery.. it is now my time to pray.

Of course she helped with my homework. She help me buy a home.. she has done everything for her eldest child that a great mother does. Our family has been tight. I joined the family firm in 1981 as a full time part of what has become a wonderful life together. I get to see her and pop’s almost every weekday and more than that. I have attached a pic from the business journal from last weeks issue as we were nominated for Architectural Firm of the year and she is on the far left. We ended up #2, but she and my Dad are #1 to me.

So I wanted to let you know I would sincerely appreciate it if you send her a prayer or good juju or good karma, whatever it is in your heart that you can to let her know that I do this barf thing because of the good people that share my passion and they are a very caring bunch.

I will print this thread for her and give it to her on Monday so she can see that by her understanding about me being a motorcycle guy, I have gotten to know so many good people and have had so many great experiences. This is because she understood that this is who I am. Her value to me is more than can be described, as I am sure your Mom and Dad are too you.. we share more than a motorcycling bond.

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Name: Dennis
Of course you and the rest of your family will have my best wishes bud.
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Very obviously a special, special person. Thinking nothing but good thoughts for you and BudMom.
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lying on the stones on the shore. in the dark. muscles torn. bones broken. heart aching. waiting for the tide to rise and take you into sweet oblivion. and then dawn breaks. and the glow flows over you. and you open a swollen eye, and cry at the beauty of the sun on the horizon. and think maybe...maybe you can pull yourself up - and make it one more day. maybe. one more day. and you rise.
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Name: Al
It is my pleasure to put your wonderful mom in my prayers.....
"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside,thoroughly used up,totally worn out,and loudly proclaim:WOW....WHAT A RIDE!"
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Rolls with it...
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Prayer sent!
"I used to be 'with it', but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't 'it', and what's 'it' seems weird and scary. It'll happen to you!"
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The best thoughts and wishes and karma to you and your family!
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Coastal Coyote
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Originally Posted by mikev View Post
Very obviously a special, special person. Thinking nothing but good thoughts for you and BudMom.
Agreed 100%. Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers!
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big pete
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Best wishes to Mrs. K
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It's what im full of

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Sending my prayer's out to you and you family , she sound's like a wonderfull person . They say the apple doesen't fall far from the tree
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Best wishes to Budmom. You've done a hell of a job raising a fine individual in Budman, but get well soon...cause you're not done yet!!

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Best wishes to you and your family budman.
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Thanks for sharing your story. My dad, now 86, had a triple bypass in 1983 and more recently, a particular aeortic stent (only Stanford had qualification for this particular stent) both done at Stanford. Find comfort, in that from my experience with my dad, that she is in my opinion at the best place possible for what is being done. Everyone on BARF, I am sure is praying for her recouperation.
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We heard about this last weekend in Hawthorne. While we missed you, we understood you hasd more important things to deal with. I think I can speak for everyone hear when I say that we hope the best for your mom and will be thinking good thoughts for her during and after the surgery. Please keep us up to date.
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The Tank
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Well written. Thinking good thoughts!
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Name: seraF-ina
my thoughts and good wishes go out to Mrs Budmom for a speedy and full recovery from this surgery

Mrs Budmom sounds like a great mom, who has raised some fine children

I am sure Stanford is going to do right by her
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