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Name: joe
Mark "LeDog" Kully to race again !!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my good friend Mark (leDog) Kully is coming out of a 16 year (forced) retirement to compete once again with the AFM.

Mark has been suffering with the debilitating disease ALS also known as Lou Gehrig Disease but with a lot of strength training and a lot of help and support from friends and businesses in and outside the industry, Mark's making a comeback at Infineon Raceway where the next round of AFM racing will be held (07-31, 08-01).

Besides being a talented artist mark also spends countless hours to help raise money for charitable organizations like Riders for Health, Make a Wish Foundation and the AFM's Air Fence Fund. So please come out and show your support for mark and look for him in the 250 production class riding a 250 Ninja provided by Brian Bartlow. Goooooooooo Mark !!

(Thank You Marc Fiorito and "Dito" at gotbluemilk for Photo's)
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Name: Flyn Brian
We at are excited to see mark on the track again. Mark has been doing some trackdays with us and his strength is getting better each time. For those that dont know what ALS is, it causes weakness, paralysis usually starting from the lower extremities and works its way up the body over time. Most die within 15 years of being Dx from respiratory paralysis/depression. It is great to see Mark on a bike and riding fast. So come by the feel Like A Pro pits and say hello.
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Mark was STOKED to complete the NRS again and showed me his certificate. He's damn stoked as we are to be riding with the guy. That guy's a friggin soldier!

Hey Joe, where they hell is Al Sal?
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WOW, go Mark!!!!
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afm 639
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Name: Jim
Awesome! Mark glad to hear of your comeback I'll be watching your race!
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Name: Brad

Not to be a downer, but to add some perspective...

I have some first hand family experience with ALS.
It is truly a devastating disease that often doesn't provide much hope or optimism.

To hear about this warms my heart to see that ALS can be overcome and that individuals with it can still pursue their passion(s).

Mark, If you're back out in Clubman Lightweight...I can't wait to dice it up with ya!
Gyges - AFM/WERA #630

Thanks guys!!!
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Looking forward to seeing you out there.
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fawndog will take you to the ER and make you a sammich too
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Originally Posted by GoGo View Post
Never surrender

as a fellow artist I can respect what Mark does with his art especially while combatting ALS. Its amazing what this sport can inspire people to do.

I for one have another reason to go out and watch the 250s buzz around the track.
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Name: Not Javier
Mark I do not know you yet but I am pumped to see you make it back home to the AFM!!
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Excellent! I will see you in the CLW Race as well. Congrats on your return.
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Mark, congratulations! I am humbled by your perseverance, strength and determination, and look forward to seeing you riding on the track. And hopefully with you on the track soon!

Nice intro Joe
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Name: Budman

Enjoy it Mark.. I know you will.

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Name: Chris
So happy to see this dream come true for you Mark!

Brian - do you have anymore 250s for that weekend? I'd love to race with Mark for the last round.

Lots of cool people have pitched in to get Mark going again - GoPro just to name one. Very very cool as Mark has given a ton to the AFM!
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