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Thumbs up Livermore PD wins 2009 Motorcycle Safety Award

I wanted to give one of our members and his Department kudos for winning the Motorcycle Safety Award from the California Law Enforcement Challenge for 2009.

Actually they did great in several categories, but the Motorcycle Award stands out to me.. for some reason…

I know Silversvs (John) one of our LEO Moderators and a Motor Officer no doubt had a lot to do with it. Many of you have met John at various events he helps put on or attends as outreach for Moto Safety. John is also primarily responsible for getting me in with the State agencies to help with Motorcycle Safety. He has been super pro-active with the High School visits and Livermore has hosted many. He also brought me (got me invited) to the first ever Motorcycle Safety Summit a couple of years ago and that was the start of barf really making an impact.

John is on the CA – Mission 12 Motorcycle safety committee with me and I know he really cares about reducing moto casualties and all collisions, injuries and fatalities. Plus he is an avid rider and has a mini bike track at is house!!

John is good people and just a huge congrats!!

He will be at the barf rally starting point to give us a wave on our way so please tell him congrats!!.. He really does a hell of a job.

Information here:

For those that don’t want to wade thru the website here is the synopsis:
The award is a piece of the California Law Enforcement Challenge (CLEC). Basically what happens is that every agency in the state is encouraged to take part in the CLEC, and several hundred do. Each agency that participates puts together an application that is similar to a yearbook or year in review. I just looked at the CHP yearbook yesterday in Sacramento when I was at an annual CMSP advisory meeting. The CHP won in 2008 BTW. The agencies are required to document their efforts in the area of traffic safety education and enforcement and what the effect was on the number of collisions and fatalities occurring in their jurisdiction.

All agencies are sorted into groups based on the number of sworn officers the agency has. Then judges from outside California review the applications and select winners for each grouping of agencies. The judges are looking for agencies with the best overall traffic safety program.

In addition to selecting agencies for overall traffic safety, the judges also review the applications for several “Special Awards.” There are several categories for the special awards, one of which is “Motorcycle Safety.” The special awards are selected from every entry no matter the size of the agency. Livermore PD was awarded the special award for motorcycle safety and for child passenger safety. They have won the child passenger safety award four years in a row! LPD also took first place in their group, which is agencies sized 86-105 officers. This is the second year in a row they have taken first place.

Lastly, after all the applications are judged at the state level they are sent to the International Chiefs of Police to be judged by the National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC). The NLEC also groups agencies by size and they receive applications from all across the United States.

LVD took second place for overall traffic safety this year for agencies of their size, which I understand is quite an honor. Last year they were deemed to have the best child passenger safety program in the nation and the best impaired driving program in the nation. Those are some lofty accolades…!!
Congrats to the whole department!!

I asked John about it and this is what he said:
“I have some really fantastic folks working for me and we are really creative and innovative in what we do. It’s nice to be recognized for our efforts, but what is more important is that every year for the last three years we have been able to reduce the number of collisions, fatalities, and injuries occurring in town. That is what is important.”

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congrats to my hometown Leos!

It makes me proud of my community that the PD is actively pro-moto and pro safety.

ride (or walk) downtown any weekend and you will see that motorcyclists are a big money-spending demographic.

Thanks John and your team!

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Congrats John and to the rest of Livermore PD.

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Congrats John!
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Thanks everyone. I don't do this stuff alone. It takes a lot of dedicated personnel to be successful.
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