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Name: Budman
Arrow barf is not just a dub dub dub dealio - 2011 review

Hello All Moto Peeps.

First off I wish you the best for 2012!

As we enter year 10 for barf I think it is good that we reflect on who we are.. what we value.. the good times.. the tough times and a little about how this website affects some of that.

Who are we?
We are motorcycle enthusiasts who like to share our good times on two wheels, information and in many ways much more.

We are passionate.
We are playful.
We are fun loving people.
We are resolute in our beliefs.
We are conservatives, liberals, anarchists, and more.
We are more than just the above of course.. but we are motorcycle riders and that is why we hang here for the most part.

The good times.
We have seen a bunch and I sure get all giggity when I know this place helped make some of that happen.
I will start with racing.. because I love it.

We saw Siggy win the FP title.. #2 turned to a #1 with the support of a great team. Alex with Fastline with the big help of TJ Grossi, CTracing and many more sponsors brought barf that big #1. Something I hope would happen one day.. it took seven years.. but it did happen. I love the AFM.. and knowing the shear bravery and passion Chris had to get there was sure cool to see.. rock Chris
All the guys in FP are amazing riders and more.... and all on any grid are moto racers.. that is cool. Be proud!

We saw Berto give it 100% and more, pick himself up, feel humble, get mad.. and race harder. We may see him as the AFM President too Berto is a good friend and I am sure glad that is truth.

We saw Anthony Alonso move to the big bikes, kick some AFM butt.. win a WERA National. Get invited to the Red Bull Rookies cup and be the fastest American in the show. Lucky us.. we get to see him race for us at least one more year in 2012. Great young man.. I really love the kid.

We saw Eric Kondo (kazman) make his return to racing and give us some great vid’s from his adventure. His past friendship and more led me to say.. Hey Eric, I want to help. Sure glad I did because it has been very cool.

We saw Uniform Speed start a team that reflects what our Military provides. Solid people.. giving their best in the pursuit of a goal. That goal in this case.. represent well and race hard. They did that.

We saw Moike.. search for a new Monkey for his sidecar racing effort.. give a few a try.. get a little TV Action.. and some good results.

We got to share Tyler Linders rise.. the kid is fast.. the kid wins.. he is not a kid really. Racing at such a young age makes you man up. He does.

We saw the new Kid.. Brenden Kettelsen mature into.. well a faster kid. The respectful young man has learned well from dad in that department and no doubt as he continues to chase his passion he will teach his dad a thing or too along the way about how damn much a kid can make a difference in someone’s life.

We saw Brandon Kyee take a barf sticker to Europe and race on tracks he never saw… reach the podium and then find bad luck that took him away from a season ending result that he and the family really wanted. He did that well. Accepting what racing brings and accepting the fact that it was a blast and he could not have been there without his family's love and support.

We got to share many more racing adventures with so many members play out and we got to know some of them along the way (thanks Climber!). Thanks to all for sharing your race reports, videos and well.. your life with us. Looking forward to next year!

We saw the AFM sustain the racing game.. fighting weather.. some normal race day havoc and still remain. That passion for racing has been passed down through several generations of racers. You don’t get to be a series that is over 55 years old without that passion. Long may you run AFM.

We got to see a crazy MotoGP season.. Kevin brought the threads and the amazing amount of fan knowledge in them that gets shared (along with the opinions) is very cool. You guys are my crib notes for sure.

We got to see an old guy win the World Superbike Series. A cool guy too.. beating several other cool older guys for the title and showing that it takes more than just big balls to win at the top level.

We did a little Isle of Man.. a bunch of AMA and banter.. good to see the series starting to show how talented and competitive our native lads are while watching locals like Cam and Elena really shine. Wow.. how cool.

…..and we got to see some killer vids from our GoPro guy..Yakoo. Thanks for the vids.. man I love my MX and SX racing and you certainly gave me some insight that I would not have without your work. Congrats on the AMA deal and keep at it..!!

We got some flat track joy with several AMA Nationals on the west coast. Big props to Bob Bellino for starting that. The man loves the sport and I can only really say.. thanks for that. Because of it I got to see Chris Carr one more time.

We also got… a little land speed.. we got some Macau .. we got some stunting competition.. we got some great SM racing.. we got more more more..there are a lot of people going for it on two wheels living life to the fullest. Rock on my brothers and sisters.. do it again next year.

We got to see some epic rides.. Khan is somewhere in a land that I could never feel comfortable riding in. Sharing his love for two wheels and America.. so damn cool. You are unique and I know all that have followed your adventure know it.

We have gotten to see Beemerchef ("The Oasis of my Soul"... A Lifelong road trip with Spirit...”) continue his ride that never ends.. check out adventure rides if you want to see what one man, one dog, one moto, one camera and lust for life can provide. I stole your last photo Ara.. sorry.

We got to see a couple of barf rallies. Where motorcyclists of all kinds come together to share.. the Best of times for me. (Thanks Rally masters - mucho!)

We got to see long rides, short rides.. the Cal 24.. friends just enjoying the ride.

We got to share the rebuild.. the unique.. the challenges of making something old or new different or the same as it was back in the day. MotoLiam at the IMS and more. It is there if you look for it. For a lot of us it brings good vibes back into our souls.

We saw Gixxergirl1000 seek and help those stranded.. along with her friends who were willing to help. Good juju there.. and even we had Cinncinatus willing to drive 3 plus hours one way to help a barfer in need. That does not just happen. A community of caring people do that. (in this case a guy who came back from the war abroad one more time).

We saw barfers pull together to help those that ended up on the dark side of our sport. Hurt.. challenged.. but willing to fight through it. Those folks are heros to me.. I am not sure I could manage what they have and continue to thrive. Many of you are heros for digging into your wallets to do that. Help others.

Photo’s and vids:
Man.. what can you say..? Moments in time captured and shared.. right on.
We have some talented folks behind the lens and in front of them too.

We saw the MAN willing to answer questions and share their world a bit to help us with our moto related law needs.. along the way we get to realize they are way more than just uniformed authority. They are human. They race. They share.. They ride.. and they really help a bunch with problems. Silversvs continues to astound me with his passion for riders. His own safety day, his time spent butting heads on state committees and even taking the time to raise funds for Special Olympics. Another one I am damn proud to call a friend.

We have DataDan. Awesome insight with the caring to take the time to do it. Dan you’re a barf jewel.

We saw training info on schools, MSF, private days, people willing to ride with a newb just to make their new sport a bit more comfortable. Throw in Keith Code too and wow.. we have one of barf best assets. That is being able to communicate to those new to the sport. Love that. And if you don't know how you upper confliggity needs to be set.. someone will know and provide some guidance. Nice!

Stupid fun, politics and more:
Well I give you the Kitchen Sink. Emotions can run high, jokes can be low.. but the folks who just want to share “What are you thinking” continue to do so there. Gamers, cooks, politico advocates, Military members, great photochoppers, animated gif fans, and way more.. all “Occupy the sink.” Carry on folks! Pitch a tent if you wish!

Tough times:
Oh yeah.. we saw a few. We lost Jomo. We found Adam, Dr.Swade.. We are now reaching out to Brad and to help Wally.... and more. Motorcycling has a downside. We all know that is a reality and if you don’t know that.. better get it soon. You need to choose to do this sport with the knowledge that the dark side is there. You need to be ready for it.. whether in gear.. training or the mental strength to carry on if hurt. Once you realize it.. every ride is better and getting home is sweeter still.

We saw a young MotoGP super star named Marco lose his life and felt the impact on us even though far away and mostly not directly involved. So many showed our respect and love of the sport and of those that provide thrills that are unbelievable at times. The cascade of emotions about his death filtered pretty deeply into our community for quite a few.

A lot of those tough times turned into awesome feelings of support and love for our fellow riders. Other times it showed that we the “Motorcyclists” will get on the ass of those that are not respectful to the sport or even the others in our community if they take it lightly.

A couple of things stand out for me here.

Adam’s support and his strength to be part of this community in the face of life changing events.

Joe Montoya’s memorial where hundreds came together and that included a few from the AFM’s home track Infineon raceway to really honor a man for a job well done with his life.

Dr. Swade’s (Robert) injury.. recoup.. rebound and a bright future as an American living the good life in Mexico.
The first time I saw him walking was one of the highlights of my year.

Many barfers fought the economic hard times too. Many others provided work to others as we see us helping through hard work and respect. Hopefully a better economy in 2012 will make things better for us all.

So .. barf does bring us closer together.. at least I think so.

We get to be mad at each other.. mad at the world.. we find the ability to laugh at ourselves and the world..
One of the biggest bonuses is the chance to meet great people. There are a bunch here for sure.

We get to share great rides.. huge smiles.. struggles.. challenges.. look inside ourselves at times.. and live a little differently than if “barf” was not here.

It is true.. I am extremely happy for that.

barf will be 10 Years old.. very soon. The SteveCo started something special… because it drew you folks in.. to do all of the above.

The folks that sponsor barf help keep that effort and opportunity alive. Everyone I have met in person is a moto person.. trying to make a living in a challenging environment. I hope all have a much better 2012. I hope you are successful in biz.. and happy you chose to make the moto your life’s work.

Mucho thanks to the Moderators here too.. most have become good friends. All are respected for doing something that generally is not acknowledged in regards to the value that it brings to this community. It is not easy.. at times very not fun.. frustrating.. and may take some of their own playful nature away from the board. It is valued by me and I am sure plenty of you reading this.. even if we pissed you off a bit along the way.

I love V4’s sig line: You can train a monkey to do the job of a BARF moderator but you can't get the monkey to keep coming back....

We are working on the Gone But Not Forgotten Forum.. a place to remember our friends that are no longer among us.

We are going racing again.. we will win some.. lose some.. and live well.

We will face adversity.. challenges.. drama.. and have fun in between.

We will and and and ..

You all are barf.. not a www. kind of thing.. a human thing.

Thanks for that.

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thanks budman...

thank you for barf....
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Is right behind you
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barf has everything a scooter lover dreams of.

you could move here from any part of the world and have a network before you arrive.

Then there is the Kitchen Sink.
Y'all need to shut that thing down for a sanitizing once in a while. It's Dirty.

Thanx for the chance to mingle, mix and fling a few turds now and again.

Happy Festivus.
Mean people suck.

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Hell yes. Thnx Bud and thanks to all of you barfers that made '11 amazing year to be alive and on 2 wheels.
You are the crumple zone. And life is not a dress rehearsal.
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Thanks Dennis
This segment was brought to you by the letter A
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Happy New Year Dennis
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Great post. I do love teh BARF.
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as strange as barf is, most of the folks I consider "my very best friends" are because of this place....
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Originally Posted by budman View Post
barf is not just a dub dub dub dealio
What'd you say about me?

Seriously though, great post *tear*.
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I am Barf & Barf is me

I love it here.

Thank you for the great outlet.

"Your Friendly Neighborhood BMW Rider"

Real World Review: Tires, Tires, Tires

Rider Basics 101: The Best First Bike?

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Happy New Year, BARF.
posted via BARF Mobile App

lying on the stones on the shore. in the dark. muscles torn. bones broken. heart aching. waiting for the tide to rise and take you into sweet oblivion. and then dawn breaks. and the glow flows over you. and you open a swollen eye, and cry at the beauty of the sun on the horizon. and think maybe...maybe you can pull yourself up - and make it one more day. maybe. one more day. and you rise.
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Wow...when you say it all that way Dennis....whew!! This is a truly awesome place! 2011 started my motorcycle "career" with the purchase of my Gixxer in January..after a rough start with a not so helpful friend/coach..I came to BARF and was welcomed with open arms (and a few leg humps of course!) But from the start...I was greeted with offers for rides..I am sure I tortured a few of my now BARF pals with a slow ride around the area!

I am a proud patch wearing member of Koi's Northbay Misfits here on BARF...all my moto buddies...I cherish and appreciate all of you and look forward to 2012 and even more riding with you all!!

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Well written Dennis!! Even though I'm a world away, BARF is still home for me.
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Great post Dennis. Thanks for all you do, and happy new year!
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