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Name: Harry Wong
GaryJ Celebration of Life Gathering-Sunday June 10, 2012

Come join us in celebrating Gary's life:

In my 23 years of knowing Gary, I think V4 said it perfectly:

"long before teh barf and even the internet, garyj helped the motorcycle community in a big way ...

many have met him throughout the years....always willing to give a helping hand, offer guidance and knowledge, set up suspensions....and he was there for anyone and everyone whether it be a newb rider, veteran rider, mad stunna, y0, track junkies, and even the gixxer and ducati riders felt welcomed around him...

all the man wanted to do was enjoy the day and ride and with his big smile, friendly manners, neon yellow hat, and green kawasaki jacket, people always enjoyed being around him didn't matter to him what you ride, or who you are....all was always welcomed...

and at the end of the day, those newb riders, veteran riders, mad stunnaz, y0, and track junkies not only had the respect of gary but of each other breaking any ego trips and uniting each other for what gary and we all loved to do...just ride....

and cuz of gary, many friendships began up in those hills uniting a motorcycle community before the interent and even before teh barf....

and eventually the gixxer and ducatis caught up, we were friends with them too...

let's celebrate his life by helping each other when we can as he did for us..."


Here are the details:

What: GaryJ Celebration of Life Gathering
When: Sunday June 10, 2012
Time: 12 noon - 2:30 PM at Pescadero State Beach then Celebration Ride to Jill's house.
3:30PM to whenever BBQ at Jill's house

From Jill: "Just so folks know .... there is really no end time for the BBQ at my home on 6/10 after The Celebration of Life for Gary. As long as people come, I'll be there with an open garage door and food! Please come and enjoy, share stories, share pics and just chat!"

Motorcycling was Gary and Jill's life. We are their family. Come join us in celebrating Gary's life. It's helping Jill so much with all of us who have visited and reaching out to Jill.

What to bring:

If you can write about your memories and especially stories about Gary. Pictures are wonderful too. Have them in a simple 8 1/2 x 11 format so we can create a scrap book for her.

Wear some green if you can. Kawasaki Green even better.

Also, any food, dishes, refreshments would be fine too.

Celebration Ride to Jills:

From Pescadero State Beach, we do the Celebration Ride (or drive) together to Jill's home. She would love to see all of us. I can't tell you how much you are loved by her. Talking about Gary, your experiences and how he touched your life is all a very important and now healing part of her life.

Any postings photos and stories about Gary can be posted here for Jill to see:

Also Jill has been left with a number of unexpected bills between the (uninsured) life flight between Loma Mar and Stanford, the rest of the mortgage on the house, and everything inbetween.

There have been many voices asking how to help, and if you can afford to help financially, it would definitely be appreciated.
If you feel that you have benefited from Gary in some way or another and would like to give back, now is the time.
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Ride street, ride track, ride dirt, trials.....ride.....well!

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Lunch Box
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Name: Aaron
I am scheduled to be out of town, but will do everything I can to make it back in time for this. Gary gave me so much in the years I knew him, and I very much want to be a part of this celebration.
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Name: Stephen
Still saddened by his passing and this is a great idea to celebrate a man that has touched so many people in more ways than another. He had been my group ride leader the past year and will never forget all the shit he gave me for being late and congratulating me for being on time( once) :-). Made my donation and will be at Peaky beach June 10th.
Is it Track Day yet?

Gunter glieben glauchen globen
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Name: Budman
Looking forward to it Doc.

A good life to celebrate.
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Name: Abhijit
Harry - i will surely attend. Like all others, I have received immense help from Gary, in person. Dropping in my contribution as well. Thanks for making this thread sticky.
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Name: Lesley
In. And will donate to the family.
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I am one of those "stunnas" that he made feel at home. See Gary understood what is hard for understand...that we are all united by the same passion. I and a lot of others I know understand this concept...but for a lot it is hard to grasp. I swear to promote his logic on for the rest of my days like Gary would of wanted. Now that I am more gravitated to the twisties and soon the be the is a path that I already wanted to take...but even more so now. I long to help my fellow riders...whatever they choose as there cup of tea...till the day I is my duty to help people be safe. Looking forward to helping other riders and bonding with you all...for the years to come. Cheers to Gary. We have alot of work to be done...lets keep on keeping on. Jill you are amazing I am looking forward to riding with you when you get that bike. Love you all.
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Name: Faz
Just added a few pictures from 2004-2006 etc. to the facebook page.
Sadly won't be able to join in on 6/10 as I will be out of town.

Still can't believe this has happened.
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In, and posted a ride coming down from the North Bay if anyone wants to ride with... Linky
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I'll miss the early part of this as I'm bicycling Tour de Cure that day. Will try to come by the BBQ after.
Originally Posted by R3DS!X View Post
Sometimes these cars will try and chase me when I'm just trying to have fun. They never catch up but they do try. I think they are part of some car club cause they are always custom painted similarly and have flashing lights on top. Their horns sound unique too and they are always trying to distract me with them.
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So, I am a closet nerd.

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I wish i could make it... if only it was a week later or earlier.

Regardless. RIP Gary J. I had the pleasure on going on one ride with him. Excellent rider, excellent human being.
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Name: David
I am hoping I can make it to show support, even though I only really knew him from BARF.

If anyone is caravanning from the Far East Bay over there let me know. I am pretty slow, but enjoy the twisties if we have time to make it over mines/hamilton.
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Name: Connie
In. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Heading over to donate to the expenses now.
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I’m signed up to do a Harley benefit ride for a dude with stage 4 cancer but I think I can just send him a check.

AFM# 967
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I'll be on BigB's ride that is going there.
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