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RIDE REPORT: a day trip to Nacimiento-Fergusson road

It's been a while since my last ride report... And since the two previous ones. My weekend freed up so I decided to spend my Saturday riding. I initially thought of a two-day ride to go check out Hwy 33 but other hobbies have to get some attention too.

Goal of the ride: Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, which as far as I could tell is highly rated. I also had some ideas in mind for the area south of Hwy 198. So here is the plan for the day:

As I usually do when heading south, I start the day (early) by a run down Skyline and Hwy 9 to reach Hwy 1. Beautiful morning with the low sun shooting horizontal rays of light between the trees on Skyline. Light traffic too, and clean road. Bliss! The run on Hwy 1 to Carmel is not exactly fascinating but brings me to a gas station on Rio road.

RANGE ALERT: the itinerary that I am describing has few options for refueling so watch your range (I can comfortably do 200 miles on a tank but realize not everyone is this lucky).

My strategy for refueling was to fill up in Carmel and then top off the tank as late as possible before heading inland. Turns out to be in Big Sur. Range needed to Tres Pinos: ~175 miles. There are options to bail and make the loop shorter (going through San Lucas). Also note that not all those gas stations are open 24h.

Hwy 1 to Big Sur and beyond is very pretty, if crowded (and slow...) I'm assuming that everyone has seen the coast already but here's a picture anyway.

Nacimiento-Fegusson Road starts near the Kirk Creek campground, which incidentally is where we had our first camping trip as a family, a few years ago. The campground is visible from the high ground provided by the goaty start of the road.

View of the way up, through the surrounding hills:

Unexpectedly, there is some (light) traffic on the road, mostly going the other way with the exception of a fellow rider (fully kitted for moto traveling) that I will cross paths with a few times.

On that goaty part of the road, there is an option to take a dirt road to Cone peak, for the more dual-sporty minded riders.

While the bike seems to look longingly at the dirt path, I decide to be reasonable (given the bike I'm riding) and stay on the paved road, which opens up after a few miles. Nice, more relaxed riding.

The road crosses a large military zone, Fort Hunter Liggett. Note that the road can be closed at any time since it is controlled by the fort (reported as a private road on Google maps) so don't come cry to me if you get stuck.

I avoided taking pictures on the fort's property, figuring that it might not be well perceived. After a right turn on Mission road, I kept going southeast on G14, which becomes G18 (Jolon Rd). Not super interesting. Hwy 101 is reached and almost immediately exited at Bradley, where a left turn brings me to Hare Canyon road. Now we're talking! Deserted Californian backroad, no other motorist, a brilliant rollercoaster. I'm sold. Another left turn on Indian Valley road keeps a smile on my face for many more miles.

Enthralled by the fantastic riding I don't stop for many pictures and promptly rejoin Hwy 25, which has a few nice bits too, and photogenic spots.

Reaching Tres Pinos I feel like late lunch and a good burger at the 19th Hole provides some comfort. A this point I have been riding for ~7 hours so it doesn't hurt to stop.

Then, fuel stop at Hollister and slab back home. A bit over 380 miles, a nice riding day!
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Muy bueno. Caponord gets 200mi on a tank, eh? That's real nice.
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Thanks for the report. That road was on my list of places I need to ride, but I left before Highway 1 was opened down there. I may have to plan a multi-day California trip just to do that loop (and some Sierra stuff).
Scott R. Nelson - Meridian, Idaho (after 30 years in the Bay Area)
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Nice report, thank you!
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I did that loop the other day. Also went on base to check out the Julia Morgan hotel and got yelled at by the DOD for not stopping at a stop sign. Seems you have to register to enter the fort which includes photo and fingerprints! I did 25 to Lonoak, Jolon, Nacimiento, 1 north, Coast Road for added dirt, Carmel Valley road and La Gloria for more dirt 25, Cienega and home.

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Looks like a solid day!

Nice write up and pics.
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I rode that route on the way to Taft Rally last spring. I also really enjoyed it and was surprised at the amount of traffic on the road.

Thanks for the great pictures.
A straight road never made a skilled rider.
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I've always wanted to do that loop. Thanks for the pics and reminder.
Originally Posted by ToraTora
...2T bikes exist and are ready to meet your 4T challengers.
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ST Guy
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Beautiful day and a nice write up. I've done the same loop, but not counterclockwise.
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Motorcycles: twins
Thank you all for the kind words!

Originally Posted by jwb View Post
Muy bueno. Caponord gets 200mi on a tank, eh? That's real nice.
While the fuel economy is not that great, the gas tank holds a bit over 6 gallons.
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I took the Fz09 down the dirt road on that ridge to Prewitt Ridge Campground. There are wonderful camping spots on that ridge but tons of flies. I recommend Going during the fall. It is sketchy but doable on street tires.

Pics Here
'15 FZ09
'17 Street Scrambler
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