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BARF - Bay Area Riders Forum

Net-Moto Race Team Site Now Available!

Net-Moto is a new show presented by Bay Area Riders Forum in an effort to help even the most casual internet users to stay on top of the Bay Area motorcycling scene as easily as possible. The content will grow to be useful to anyone in the nation (or world, for that matter) but will retain BARF's regional focus for events and headline news.

I hope that you enjoy Net-Moto and that the feedback is strong enough that I will be encouraged to keep producing it. I had a blast on the first issue, and look forward to more.

Format is limited to WMV at the moment, as I don't know how to make MPGs smaller than 50 MB.

Download and watch the latest episode of Net-Moto!
WMV Format)

Did you miss an episode? Don't worry, the archive page has all the episodes and we'll have them available in DVD format later on (the bikes, products, and everything else look SO much better on a TV)

Interested in becoming a part of the Net-Moto production team? Have a suggestion to improve the show? Want your bike showcased in Pride in my Ride? Have an idea for Tip of the Week? Want your event mentioned? Bored with no one to email?

Email Net-Moto and find out just how despetately we need the help!!

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